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I'm serious. Some nights I can hardly believe lunch was hours ago and it's already time for dinner. I sometimes get overwhelmed with meal plans and giant dinners. Our days seem crazy and sometimes we feed Lue early and cook supper for two late at night and it feels like we are on a date. (Like a weird date where things are messy and we are in our pjs and then we have to do all the cleanup after and there's no valet or fancy table cloths) The meals around here are intentionally simple and usually undergo minimal amounts of baking, cooking, or coordinating. There are plenty of nights where we are out and about and eat on the go and let's be honest, they know our names at the Chipotle around here and we know their names too. A normal meal when we are home consist of eggs, vegetables, definitely herbs, and sometimes rice and meat. Meat is considered a bonus item and we like to stick with protein from eggs and nuts and seed sources. Our local co-op is literally the best and cutest little place to shop for everything (but specifically their beautiful meat options!) and I could spend hours in the bulk section. I still want to sign up for a CSA and am having a hard time choosing which one. I've been obsessed with kale for about a year now and put it in everything, both cooked and raw. It's such a joy to gather inspiration from friends on what their eating for lunch and my friend Keegan always eats the weirdest foods (in the most amazing way) that ultimately challenge me to push the limits of my pallet. She teaches me a depth of gratitude for the food sources and benefits and is always feeding me with little tidbits about the noirishment it provides and encourages full indulgence in their aromas. The rhubarb plant in our yard just peeked with long stems of sweetness and I've been out chopping little blooms here and there. Last night's meal was kale, dandelion leaves, rhubarb, cilantro, garlic, and tomatoes steamed with honey goat cheese melted on top. I mixed both raw veggies and steamed veggies and I liked how the textures and temperatures blended. Added a side of chicken and a soft boiled egg to top it off. 

We ate like bunnies then followed up the night with Alden's organic mint chip ice cream which is always a favorite. 

What is everyone cooking these days? Happy Trails! 

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