Iced everything!


It's beautiful out and one of my favorite things is brewing massive jars of chamomile tea and iced coffee. Throw the tea into smoothies or pack it on the go. We don't give Lue juice yet to stay away from sugar and get her super used to drinking water, so chamomile+lavendar tea is a great alternative and when chilled, seems like juice. Not sure how long it will last until she realizes that sweet juice exists, but for now, it's great! Max and I are always buying iced coffee and it's nice to have on hand. I've made coldpress before but if I'm in a pinch I just brew extra strong coffee and throw it in the fridge the following day. It's literally the easiest thing and sometimes I throw a dash of honey in either the coffee or tea (pre refrigeration) so it's a little sweeter. 

Literally so excited for summer weather and cold beverages! 


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