Our Happy Place in the Woods


Wake up, pack up, play in the woods, repeat. We've been heading north of Stillwater a bit to our favorite spot to play and be together. We read books, color, sing, lay on our backs and view the tops of the trees and Luella is really loving hearing the "jay jay" noises. I love this area because no one else is around and we get to simply take in the silence of our surroundings. Lue usually runs from the picnic blanket towards a swing, other people, the road (yikes), or just like "ahh I'm running and flailing for no reason!! Come catch me mom!!!!" and for some reason when we are in these trees, she likes to play on... Like ON the blanket and doesn't run away. It's this beautiful, resting place where her crazy toddler running traits don't exist and yet, she is content in her explorations on the blanket with me. She almost fell asleep nursing today and I secretly hoped she would've drifted off peacefully in the woods and I could have my alone time outdoors. We've come here three days in a row so far and it's becoming a safe little magical zone where the air is beautiful to breathe in and no one is screaming or peeing on rugs or throwing food. We stopped on our way home when we saw a sign for Local Honey for sale. It was the perfect end to the peaceful adventure and hey! who can pass up local honey from the St. Croix Valley, bottled up in pretty jars on top of a sweet wooden table with the honor system for payment. Ohh the charm is too much. Can we move to the country already? 


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