Pickled Sundays.


I love my friends. I feel so thankful to have them and felt especially reflective this weekend for such sweet souls in my world who always accept me where I am at. Don't we need more of this? Genuine relationships around us. I was so happy to spend some time with my sweet friend Katelyn and her parents on this pickling Sunday. Love their family so much. It was hard work and really fun. We ended up with forty two pints of pickles! I think these should last us a good amount of time. It got me eager to find my own pickling tools and continue this process with other vegetables and fruits to store up for winter like a resourceful bunny or some other cute furry animal. Their garden is overloaded with beautiful produce, dill blooms as tall as us, and more pickling cucumbers than we could handle. (Amongst other produce) It is truly a gorgeous cycle to see things grown from the earth and prepared like this to last for future months. I am officially obsessed with canning and dream of our old Stillwater cave like basement filled with home canned goods. (I also dream I might be wearing some sort of ridiculous 1800's prairie dress as I go fetch a can of peaches for the little toddler playing in the grass outside next to some goats... okay too far, but you get the idea) 


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