Madewell Event | September 23, 3014


I am so very excited to be hosting a Madewell event at the Mall of America on Tuesday, September 23. It's toddler Tuesday so whether you are single, married or rocking the double stroller, I'd love to meet you! We will chat and shop and eat Jonny Pops from 11-2. I've recently become obsessed with Jonny Pops as it's SO hard to find good tasting treats that don't have high fructose corn syrup in them and are made with, well, real actual ingredients. I feel good giving these to Lue every once and awhile too because the sugar content is low. The chocolate coffee one is my absolute favorite and I've ventured off to buy another box by myself in late evening hours while Lue is asleep. The way the coffee settles into the bottom last bites of the pop just seriously make me so happy. Madewell is definitely one of my favorite stores and it's been fun to invest in pieces that are higher quality and last much longer. I find that I am spending less because I am buying less quantities of things and more staple items that last throughout seasons. The ladies are amazing at the Mall of America and they're going to have some great deals at the event too! 

Anyways, come join us! It should be a lot of fun! 

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