Copper Details in Home


We received copper pots and pans for our wedding four years ago from my in laws and they have for sure stood out as some of my favorite items ever owned. They are aging well and I periodically get curious about how they would look again, all polished and cleaned, but can never quite get myself to go there. I love their dark shadows and the way the copper sneaks through. I've been a collector of copper items since before we got married and distinctly remember seeking out estate sales and antique shops for new items and storing them away in bins while we were engaged. It felt very exciting to be "building a home life" with Max and the excitement was always abounding when finding that perfect copper colander from the thrift store or a sweet grandma's kitchen cabinet at a local estate sale. It's been fun to carry the copper through in small ways year later and my flame for copper is brighter than ever these days. 

^^Favorite copper pipe used as candle holders. I would love to set up camp in the copper aisle of Menards. ^^ 

^^Badgers paws should count as favorite copper details.^^ 

^^The space where Lue cooks me eggs and broccoli and sometimes chocolate cake, if I'm lucky.^^ 

^^Copper hooks made from a big roll of copper.^^ 

^^Smallest cleaning corner in the world, that makes me semi excited to sweep up Badger's fur and Lue's spilled popcorn. ^^

It doesn't matter how big or small your home is, it should be a place of retreat, inspiration, and togetherness. The investment in higher end items like copper pots and pans pay off as the years go by and their good condition for cooking is still present. It is also inspiring to patronize local estate sales in search of someone else's charmed goods that make your home special and personal. If one has to clean, let it be with beautiful cleaning supplies and items that make you feel uplifted and prepared for the task at hand. 

The hooks were made to hold our seemingly never ending messy piles of denim button ups and leather bags. They always seemed to be draping on chairs or sprawled on the ground and now there are more open hooks for them to rest on. 

So thankful for this teeny home we live in. 

Champagne and Chandeliers!


I am so excited for this event! Join me at The Copper Hen with vueve cliquot champagne, chef's choice of market cheeses, gingerbread cupcakes with cardamom cream cheese frosting and sugared cranberry+rosemary garnish, and tables spilling over with eucalyptus. We will drink, eat, and create our own winter eucalyptus wreath or hanging chandelier!
All necessary tools will be provided.
It's going to be a beautiful evening of inspiration and togetherness! I hope you can make it!
Limited Spots Available.
When: Monday, December 1, 2014 
Time: 7-9pm 
Location: The Copper Hen 
2515 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404 
(612) 872-2221

Sign up by clicking here: 

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