Champagne and Chandeliers Event


The Champagne and Chandeliers event held at The Copper Hen was truly such an incredible evening. The goal was to come, be, feel, inspired. To promote togetherness. To fill our minds with good and work with our hands. To be challenged in a potentially new skill, and to sit and delve into unbelievable bits of both salty and sweet. 

We installed this chandelier for the event, but if you are local, you must stop by and see the final version. It's a double layered chandelier, hung with copper. I think it fits right into the space so well! 

Gingerbread cupcakes with cardamom cream cheese frosting and sugared cranberry+rosemary garnish cupcakes. These were SO amazing! Danielle is truly an incredible baker. 

This cheese was everything. I want to eat it for breakfast, please.

Chalk designs by Bear Fox Chalk

This was my favorite moment!

Meet Jeremy, my brother. Words can't even describe what he means to me, but he truly made this so possible...and he put up with my "umm can we move all of the tables over here? Oh wait, actually we need to move them all here. Oh wait, shoot, we were supposed to use theeese tables. So, sorry." His ideas are endless, his acceptance is abundant and he is the most incredible human. He flew from Nashville to help me put this on and not shown in photos, were all of the perfect round copper wire bases he formed and large quantities of custom copper hooks. 

 Such a beautiful group! It was so incredible to see everyone's style of wreath and chandelier that they were drawn to. They were all so different and I was truly inspired by each one throughout the floral workshop. 

Thank you to Lydia and Emilie for capturing the evening so well. These two sisters are so talented and have the most beautiful hearts. I was originally drawn to them for the work they produce, but ended up falling in love with them as individuals. Make sure to check out their website!  

1. Blooms - Koehler and Dramm
2. Apron - Askov Finlayson
4. Champagne - Veuve Clicquot
5. Copper - Home Depot
6. Chalk Design - Bear Fox Chalk
7. Venue - The Copper Hen
8. Photographers - L&E Photography

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