Floral Crowns for Eggs


While I wouldn't label myself a florist, working with blooms have always been a huge passion of mine. This summer I spent a lot of time at the community garden pulling weeds, harvesting the community herbs, florals, and vegetables and I spent much of my life growing up watching and learning from my Mom always working with her hands designing wreaths and floral arrangements. It has become one of my most peaceful hobbies. The varieties of blooms are endless, welcoming, and I especially love the process of foraging herbs or foliage and experiencing their drying out process. I still have a lot to learn, but it's been really fun to play.

Our chickens have been producing the sweetest eggs lately. Their brown eggs are growing in size and the soft robin's egg blue eggs are small in stature but obsessively gorgeous. It is an absolute treat to collect eggs each morning and I thank them each time and think it's just such a beautiful cycle. They have become sweet friends of mine, who I talk with each day and I hope they love their life. 

I am huge on celebrating the nothingness in life. Celebrating the mundane, being overly excited about the little things and seeking joy in the tiny. For me, why not. Why not celebrate anything and everything with the most joy that we can conjure up and experience life to the fullest, even if it's for small moments here or there in between the crazy. 

These crowns are made of copper, rosemary, eucalyptus, and dried sweet annie.

Lue fell asleep, I had wine in hand, and went to town making these little floral crowns for my eggs. I hope it made them feel fancy. I gave them all away the next day, in hopes to bring some sort of glimpse of joy to those who received them. 

Seriously, floral crowns for fresh eggs? Why not. 

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