Impromptu play date in the woods


This morning, both Luella and I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Literally, she was romping all round us and for some reason I felt crabby and out of it which is a little rare because I generally like mornings. Nothing felt right at home so we packed up and headed for a drive into the country. It was bliss to be two feet away from Lue and both of us buckled in and nowhere to go. We need a little bit of alone time in the car and it re-routed us slowly. We stopped off at a state park out in Marine and built an impromptu teepee and read books and ate apples and collected pinecones. We saw no one else out there and it was perfect and Luella gabbed my head off. There's something about being outside alone that has to reset our attitudes and perspective. Right? 

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