Floral Eucalyptus Chandelier How To


 A small joy this week was working on this little project to give to Luella for Valentine's Day. Along with probably a few other small items like paints or new crayons or maybe a princess or two. 

Tools you'll need for this project: 

-Copper wire + wire cutter 
-Blooms (I used Eucalyptus, Ranunculus, Roses, and a floral stock) 
-Paddle Wire
-String or Twine to hang the chandelier

I. Start with your copper wire. This can be found at The Home Depot or Menards in their bare copper wire section. You can purchase an entire spool if you plan on doing this a lot otherwise, they will cut and sell it to you by the foot. Cut and form to your size liking. They are lovely in the miniest of forms and leaves for more supplies to make duplicates. 

II. Start with a small bundle of blooms. Begin on one side forming and letting the bloom flow towards to copper. You'll need to use this paddle wire to tighten and fasten. Don't worry about being able to see the wire, because you'll continue to layer blooms on top. 

III. My ranunculus and brown roses were closed up a bit and fresh from the wholesale floral shop. If this happens to you, you can gently spread the leaves open.. forming them slowly to a bloom. The roses are especially so much fun to do this with and it's a lovely process. 

IV. Feel it out. Trust your instincts. Add in a bundle of blooms by layer and then layering some more. You are working top down, but imagine that the end product will be flipped upside down so you can view the blooms better when it's hung. 

V. Use tight clasps with paddle wire. 

VI. Bottom layer complete! I made the bottom a tad chunkier and heavier in blooms. I planned on making the top layer a little smaller in terms of fullness. You can do whatever you want! You can even stop here and turn it into a floral wreath or mount the same as a chandelier and have a one tiered chandelier. 

VII. Second layer. Same process as above. Enjoy the flow. 

VIII. Both complete! 

IX. You'll need three copper hooks. Both rounded on each point to hold each of the wreaths to form the chandelier. I had to adjust these a bit because they do need to all be the exact same height. 

X. You might need a hand for this part! Starting with the bottom wreath, clasp copper wire and tighten so they pinch the wreath tightly. Then do the same with the top wreath. Grab your yarn, string or bakers twine and tie to the top of the chandelier. Mount and enjoy! 

Hope you enjoyed this mini floral chandelier DIY! Happiest Love Week! 

Mini Floral Valentine's Bouquets Pt. III


I made a few mini floral Valentines Day bouquets this week to give away. It didn't take a whole lot to compile and I am obsessed with these unbleached coffee filters as its packaging. Hope you enjoy this DIY super simple floral arrangement. 

I. Bundle up some blooms. I used eucalyptus, brown roses, and floral stock for a dash of a softer pink. Cut down shorter to fit inside of the filter! 

II. Bundle up with bakers twine, string, or ribbon. 

III. Tuck blooms into the corner of the filter. 

IV. Take blooms and fold over itself until the end of the filter. 

V. Clasp with copper, twine, or ribbon. 

VI. Drop off to a friend, stylist, neighbor or someone you love. This one went to my wonderful friend and hair stylist, Erin. (love you, lady!) 

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