Mini Floral Valentine's Bouquets Pt. III


I made a few mini floral Valentines Day bouquets this week to give away. It didn't take a whole lot to compile and I am obsessed with these unbleached coffee filters as its packaging. Hope you enjoy this DIY super simple floral arrangement. 

I. Bundle up some blooms. I used eucalyptus, brown roses, and floral stock for a dash of a softer pink. Cut down shorter to fit inside of the filter! 

II. Bundle up with bakers twine, string, or ribbon. 

III. Tuck blooms into the corner of the filter. 

IV. Take blooms and fold over itself until the end of the filter. 

V. Clasp with copper, twine, or ribbon. 

VI. Drop off to a friend, stylist, neighbor or someone you love. This one went to my wonderful friend and hair stylist, Erin. (love you, lady!) 

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