Kumquat Wreath and Bath Time


A couple nights ago, Lue wanted to do bath time with Max. Our home is small and the bathroom is right off the kitchen which originally, I wasn't sure about, but we have grown to love it so much. We had the door swung open and I sat in the kitchen making this wreath from kumquat blooms. It is so therapeutic for me and I felt like I was listening to the sweetest music hearing them chat and play in the bathroom while he brushed out her snarly hair. It seems like after such busy days, that is our time to reconnect with Lue and as a family. This spring wreath got me so excited for warmer weather, small blooms just starting to open outdoors and the dreams of summer. I am curious how this one will dry out and excited to let the process unfold. If you are wanting to make a wreath, you can find a tutorial here for your a hanging chandelier, but you could simplify down to one layer. It's very doable! Send me an email or message if you have any questions along the way.  

TXSC with Minnetonka Moccasin


A few weeks ago I had the joy of joining Marit from Minnetonka Moccasin for the weekend in Texas at a Girl Scout camp outside of Austin. It was a retreat for women bloggers and business owners and was truly that, a retreat. It was filled with around 150 women who were so passionate about their blogs and more importantly, each other. It was seriously so refreshing to be surrounded by so many creatives who were genuinely wanting others to succeed and interested in their life and aesthetic and work. I had the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and absolutely loved the weekend working with Marit from Minnetonka. There were some great brand connections that came from the weekend too and it was just this really beautiful time away by myself which ended up in a lot of reflection and retreated alone time. I feel so grateful to have been asked to go by Minnetonka Moccasin. The first night there I was able to host a DIY project for the ladies and we made a few strand bracelet and also a beaded bracelet with copper, brass beads, and suede. You can find the tutorials for these here and here! 

I hope to visit Texas again. SUCH a beautiful state! 

Bran Banana Cake with Pears and Rosemary


Slow mornings where the house is calm and I have time to sit and bake a cake. These are rare and beautiful moments. Dishes still dirty, sun not yet fully awake, but sweet little voices from the living room flowing in of Max and Lue talking together. I can't hear what they are talking about but the rumbles back and forth are peaceful and I let my mind drift away. I sit in my kitchen at my favorite spot and mix together a simple and super healthy bran cake with bananas that are almost retired. Add pears for an extra moist touch and rosemary for a bit of earthy taste that I almost always crave too. The grass fed butter was ample, the organic whole milk was creamy and I bake them in Lue's small copperware from her little wooden kitchen. We gave two cakes away and kept the last for ourself. Lue was delighted to eat "cake for breakfast" even though it was as healthy as can be. 

It was a beautiful way to start the day and save these last bananas before going bad. We must save those mushy bananas and bring them back to life! We just have to, right?

Have a beautiful day. 

Shinola // My City Campaign


I recently partnered with Shinola this Spring on a campaign featuring some of my favorite places in Minneapolis. I feel honored to have worked with this incredibly company and am always impressed with their products, quality and aesthetic. Here's a few of my favorite spots and a few extra's from Lue tagging along with us while we shot. She seemed to enjoy the in and out of each location. We were expecting many emotions, and she ended up getting super into it and asking, "where next!?" 

Thank you SO much Shinola, for having me be a part of this campaign! 

Here's a few of the must see locations in Minneapolis! (In no particular order) 

GYST Fermentation Bar: 25 E 26th St., Minneapolis MN

They offer all fermented items. Literally some of my very favorite foods all under one locale. Featuring cheese, house-made kombucha, wine, olives, and chocolate. 

Tao Natural Foods: 2200 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis MN

This is the best place for organic smoothies and juices. Coziest little cafe in front and the earthiest little shop in back with loose tea, herbs, and almost anything you would need for a holistic life. 

Wilson and Willys: 211 Washington Ave., Minneapolis MN 

Here they offer beautifully made home, giftable, clothing and jewelry made by many artisans right here in the area. Each item is so perfectly hand picked, you can sense the quality and care put into the process. This is Anna who works there. She is an absolute delight! And of course, their shop dog, Lamont. 

Spruce Flowers and Home: 4751 Chicago Ave S., Minneapolis MN 

My absolute favorite place to get blooms when I am in the city. They always have something new that I've never heard of and its the biggest treat to stop in here. Even if I am buying florals for someone else, it still feels like a special treat to go in and experience it all for myself. 

 The Foundry Home Goods: 125 First Street North, Minneapolis MN 

This is my happiest place in the city. I am fully obsessed and in love with the pieces chosen here. From gorgeous linen bread bags, to specialty brass home items, to wool blankets, perfect towels, beeswax candles in all sizes and eco-friendly refillable soaps... There isn't an item in this store that wasn't chosen so precisely and with intention. This is a MUST GO for sure, when in the city. 


The Copper Hen: 2515 Nicollet Ave S., Minneapolis MN 

One of our favorite places to eat in the city for sure for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Favorite dishes include the blueberry-bacon cupcake, co-op pizza with a fresh egg on top, and their incredible cheeseboard selections. They are absolutely huge on "farm to table" items and the ambiance in here is one of the best in the city. LOVE! 

It was a beautiful adventure day! We certainly love Minneapolis! 

There are so many beautiful spots in this city, but these are for sure some of my favorites. Hope you can visit them all and I'd love to hear of your favorites too. 

Check out Shinola's Instagram for more great Minneapolis locations! You can also follow me here and see a lot more, too! Seriously, thank you to my sweet husband who had so much "photographers patience" while shooting some of these. He was like, "okay, whats your vision. Art direct me Fox!" Such a sweet man, and so thankful for him. It was such a fun adventure with these two. 

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