Bran Banana Cake with Pears and Rosemary


Slow mornings where the house is calm and I have time to sit and bake a cake. These are rare and beautiful moments. Dishes still dirty, sun not yet fully awake, but sweet little voices from the living room flowing in of Max and Lue talking together. I can't hear what they are talking about but the rumbles back and forth are peaceful and I let my mind drift away. I sit in my kitchen at my favorite spot and mix together a simple and super healthy bran cake with bananas that are almost retired. Add pears for an extra moist touch and rosemary for a bit of earthy taste that I almost always crave too. The grass fed butter was ample, the organic whole milk was creamy and I bake them in Lue's small copperware from her little wooden kitchen. We gave two cakes away and kept the last for ourself. Lue was delighted to eat "cake for breakfast" even though it was as healthy as can be. 

It was a beautiful way to start the day and save these last bananas before going bad. We must save those mushy bananas and bring them back to life! We just have to, right?

Have a beautiful day. 
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