Kumquat Wreath and Bath Time


A couple nights ago, Lue wanted to do bath time with Max. Our home is small and the bathroom is right off the kitchen which originally, I wasn't sure about, but we have grown to love it so much. We had the door swung open and I sat in the kitchen making this wreath from kumquat blooms. It is so therapeutic for me and I felt like I was listening to the sweetest music hearing them chat and play in the bathroom while he brushed out her snarly hair. It seems like after such busy days, that is our time to reconnect with Lue and as a family. This spring wreath got me so excited for warmer weather, small blooms just starting to open outdoors and the dreams of summer. I am curious how this one will dry out and excited to let the process unfold. If you are wanting to make a wreath, you can find a tutorial here for your a hanging chandelier, but you could simplify down to one layer. It's very doable! Send me an email or message if you have any questions along the way.  

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