From The Weekend


It was a beautiful, hot, (thick air kind of hot) weekend! Favorite moments included the Farmers Market, the most magical estate sale that I am genuinely positive brought me into a different realm of appreciation and excitement, and some wonderful time spent with family. Sweet baby moves inside EVERY time she hears music. Her rolls are getting stronger although still so smooth and much less punchy than her sister Luie's movements were. Lue still asks every morning if she has arrived yet, and has the sweetest anticipation for her. Lue is very connected with her so far and asks to hug her and kiss her at least five times a day. We have a song we made up for her that we sing to her and last week Lue was literally singing it in her sleep. It was so ridiculously sweet. She asks if she can buy her a milk at the store and saves a spot for her at restaurants. 

We added more items to her nature corner this weekend and it's filling in nicely. Can't wait to see the collection transition into Fall and I can already picture that Lue will be collecting all of the gorgeous (probably pink) fallen leaves. I think we are all anticipating Fall for a lot of reasons, mostly baby, but this weekend I made roasted cinnamon sweet potatoes and lots of maple syrup coffee for Max. I am excited to welcome in warm crock pot meals. 

Officially 32 weeks along. I had a fall this weekend due to running excitedly down a hill in Birkenstocks (not the best idea I've ever had) and it was equal parts embarrassing and painful. I'm still sore literally from head to toe but thinking a few days of low key rest will do the trick. Yikes, times like this where my excitement gets the best of me and if I wasn't pregnant, it probably would've been pretty hilarious on tape. 

We spent Sunday with my brother Jeremy, who Lue is utterly obsessed with. We kind of all are, too. 

Unicorn-turkey feather horn. 

Sweet weekends filled with falls and anticipation and estate sales and cute little thoughts pouring out from Lue. Now onto the week, we head! 
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