Nature Paint Brush Date


There's a lot that I still don't know about raising two little ones, but I do know that quality time with the older one goes a long, long way. Lue and I had an afternoon just the two of us and we spent it making Nature Paint Brushes. This was simple and I had all the materials in my backyard minus the paint and yarn which was also readily available. We connected so beautifully during the making of this and it was the biggest breath of fresh air to be able to spend time just staring at her work and soaking in her words and presence. It is definitely not always easy doing that with two littles and I want to be so intentional about speaking to her and letting her know her value to me. Something Max and I have been really intentional about throughout Lue's little life has been taking time as often as we can think of it, to get down to her level and actually look into her eyes and tell her: 

do you know how much I love you? 
you are so treasured by us. 
we love you when you're sad, we love you when you're mad, we love you when you're happy. 
nothing you do will change our love for you. 
we are so proud of you. 
we love spending time with you. 
we love you for who you are, not what you do. 

We now know most of them have been said often enough, because when Minoux cries, she will often go to her and say, "Minoux it's okay, Luella is here. I love you when you're sad or when you're happy. Just be yourself." It melts my heart like I can't explain. Her care and tenderness is so sweet. 
The other thing was that she has been obsessed with me wearing my old prom dresses (and my younger sister's which are glittery and sparkly) while we play "princesses" together. I rocked them for as long as I could pregnant until they could no longer contain that rounded out belly and she was patient until Minoux arrived. I think a day or two after Minoux was born, Lue said with a bursting smile, "Now you can wear your princess dress again Mom! Ah!" It's very sweet. I don't always feel like putting it on, but there is literally nothing greater than seeing her joy from our experiences of being "princesses" together. Trying to remember I won't want to look back when she is all grown up and realize I should've taken every opportunity to dress up with her when she wanted it. 
Nature Paint Brushes you need sticks preferably twelve inches long, herbs (we used lavender+rosemary+silver mist), yarn, paint paper. Easiest little project ever! 
Lue loved the strokes it made. It feels so magical. 

I kept all of ours for re-using and they've lasted through a few more projects since then. Plus they smell so good! 
Hello Lue. I love you. 

Happy painting! Please tell me if you try sometime! 
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