Momentarily Calm


Week before Christmas. Momentarily calm and not exactly the brightest week. Don't get me wrong, this season is legit the absolute best. The time watching your daughter explore the first snowfall of the year in her bare feet. The way she lights up when you bring out the pink sparkly bulbs for the tree. She is *so* over earthy palettes and I am embracing her pink more and more. Picking out the perfect skinny and awkward Christmas tree. Eucalyptus and pine garlands. The holiday tunes on close to the entire duration of one's day. Guilty. The hunt for the most special gifts to give. Finding toddler ski's for Luie and soaking in all of the moments and memories staring at sweet Minoux, here on this earth at three months old. So teeny and tender and glued to Max or my body for the most parts of each day. Seriously so much wonder and excitement. 

But what if there's also piles of laundry. And past hurts that creep up. Or rejection and sadness. Or tears. Or discord with family.  Or three year olds peeing their cute pants in the city with no backups. Or outburst of emotions. Or lots of questions. Or thoughts of friends who lost their parents and would want nothing more than to celebrate the wonder with them. I guess I just wanted to write a note and say that it's ok if this season isn't always sugar cookies and perfect pine and overflowing stockings. It's okay to feel all of the feelings. They are real and important. They mean something. You have worth. You have value. With so much magic and wonder and meaning this time of year, there can also be hurt and burnt cookies and feelings of uncertainty. And that's okay. It's a beautiful season of ins and outs. Ups and downs like the transitions of breath in a yoga class. Joy and sorrow. But they are all real feelings that deserve to be felt. 

I found this vintage tissue paper four years ago and for some reason, it felt right to use it this year. 
I hid two small paper crowns in the tree this year to surprise Min and Lue with. 

Pink silk ribbons to drape in the tree. I decided I didn't want to wake up one day and realize I forced my earthy palette on Lue. I even bought a pink sweater for myself so she might think I'm cool. 

Most favorite view. I swear she is absolutely in love with her Dad and smiles more at him than me. It's darling. 
This precious girl has my whole heart. So impressed with her tenderness and care for Minoux, her imagination, and beautiful heart. 
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Peaceful Solstice to you. May you find brief moments of peace and joy and may you fill your stockings with grace for yourself this year. These photos were from my momentarily calm happenings this week and the rest was all just piles of laundry. 
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