Outdoor Floral Teepee


Tuesday was weird. There was so much going on inside my head and it felt full to the brim of processing, to do lists, anticipations and a dash of living in the past. It didn't make for the best recipe and one of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling this funk, is to create something or do something for someone else. I've been thinking of Fall quite a bit lately and anticipating this new sweet baby to be here, the crisp fall air, denim jackets and jeans and hot chai's. Lue and I chose florals that matched our feel for Fall and decided to decorate the teepee in the backyard. I've been gathering fallen sticks in our yard for about three years and it all started when I didn't really know what to do with all the extra branches. It felt like, "oh yes.. make a teepee and just begin." It's grown quite a bit and love how it gives a sweet little meeting area for us in the backyard, especially when we lay down blankets or bring back books or snacks. Each week a new branch is added whether small or big. 

Lue immediately chose sunflowers at the store and I couldn't have been more on board. They seem to scream the perfect transition between summer and fall somehow. 

Her face. I love it too much. 

She tucked in a lot of the flowers and purposely left quite a few draped on the ground. I intentionally didn't correct any of her floral work and let her be free as she created. We talked about how she could be a florist when she grows up, if she wants to. 

This photo is the epitome of Luella. Soaking in this beautiful life. This summer has been her first magical summer for sure learning so many names of flowers and herbs and I am shocked at her memory. She remembers people's favorite flowers and tells me about them at least every other day. Breathe it all in girl, sometime's people take this life way too seriously. 

Kitty of course, joined us just after we finished created the space as she is very drawn to new outdoor areas. You're always welcome to our teepee Zoe. We love you. 

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