State Park Togetherness


Last week, we woke up at 6am per Lue's sunshiney awakening. It's almost always a "It's mooooorning Mama!" as she rolls over and wakes me up, hugs my belly although some mornings she is not the happiest and our morning transitions are long getting out of bed. We really wanted to remember this time before the next babe comes while it's just us three and these images are just so special to me. It felt like equal parts a celebration of the last three years with Lue combined with a great anticipation for this next little girl to be here. 

I haven't felt beautiful everyday in this pregnancy. While there were many magical days, there were also some really tough ones too.  These last three weeks I would weirdly say has been the time I have felt the best in my changing body. I love, love being pregnant and seeing this sweet girl grow and move inside. I love having her with me throughout the day, singing to her and talking to her and it was a beautiful early morning to wake up, throw on lace and my most favorite hat and head to our favorite State Park together. 

Most favorite image of our family, in my book. We didn't plan out anything and just kinda gathered around each other. I am obsessed with the looks on their face and the way Max scooped us three in close. How can one feel safe and protected in a photo shoot, I don't know, but I felt it here. Words can't describe my love for this man. He has been such an intensely calm rock and support throughout this pregnancy. The words he has spoken to me during my transitions with my body, spirit, and heart have truly carried me through the months. 

Her face watching the "fairy light" flight up to the sky was just so sweet. It sums up the epitome of her spirit on most days, just lit up by the world and ready for an adventure. (Tiniest note: these lanterns were completely biodegradable and without the wires. Would totally recommend them!) 

My sweet darling Luella Beane. Love her forever. She teaches me about the magic in this world and I simply cannot wait for her little sister to meet her and be engulfed into our world. 

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