2015 Champagne and Chandeliers Event!


This year's 2015 Champagne and Chandeliers event was so incredibly fun. It truly was. I had actually not expected to host it this year with Minoux being only about three months old but I secretly wanted to so bad. Then one day Max came walking through the door from work and said, "I've been thinking... would you want to host the workshop again this year?" I was ecstatic and so happy he was thinking the same thing. It was such an incredible joy (and a ton of work!) to plan again this year and it ended up selling out all 20 spots over the weekend and I was so thrilled to add an additional 10 that sold out by the end of the week. It was the perfect amount although I am always curious about how large of a space we could fill with even MORE eucalyptus. 

Thank you first, to my brother who has helped me the last two years to put this on. Seriously though, he is so selfless and I can't thank him enough for everything. Thanks to my sweet man spending time with the girls at home and pushing me to be "human" for a day instead of solely "mom." It means the world to me to have your freedom and encouragement to pursue beautiful things outside the home. A special thank you to his parents too, for helping with the girls on that long day away. Also to my sweet sister who not only bought an actually ticket but stayed that evening and helped with so much cleanup, far past she had to or needed to. It was so meaningful to me. 

 Genuinely, it was a beautiful evening of togetherness. The blooms were gorgeous, the champagne was flowing and I think the cheese would be the food I would request to eat if I only had one meal left on this earth. But the focus was even deeper than that. 

I shared a little on the evening about connection. Intention with others. Being brave enough to meet someone new or try something new. In my last few years I've found out that I've almost closed myself off to others to some degree. It feels really scary to create a connection with someone and then to be hurt or unintentionally hurt them relationally and this night, for me, was even a small celebration of jumping out of a comfort zone to do something new or meet someone new or learn something new. It was truly a beautiful evening and I literally cannot wait for next December to host again. 

The beautiful Jessie, one of our sponsors for the evening, from Wool & Whiskey! 

My beautiful friend, Keegan who joined us for the evening and helped so so much. Thank you Keegan!

 Thank you to Wool and Whiskey + 100 Layer Cake who were our sponsors this year! 

A million thank you's to so many incredible business who were woven into this year's workshop. 

Gypsy in the Midst

Photography- Emilie Ann Szabo

If you attending this year's Champagne and Chandelier's event and you're reading this, would you mind leaving your favorite aspect about the evening in the comments? I would absolutely love to know!!! 

Cannot even wait until next year! One of my most treasured moments of 2015 for sure! 

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