Christmas with the loves!


Our Christmas Eve morning was just the most lovely. Lue and I woke up early and the excitement we shared over Christmas morning was pure delight. Max and Minoux slept in bed late, cozied close in the family bed. All in one bed and we honestly couldn't imagine sleeping any other way for the first years of the girls' life. I still check to make sure Minoux is breathing, please tell me I'm not the only Mama who does that! There will be many nights ahead where I imagine an empty house with just Max and I in bed with the girls all grown and I know we will treasure being right there for them all through the night for as long as they needed us. Lue woke up so chatty, as always and we snuck downstairs. I lit every single beeswax candle we owned and turned on Christmas music. My friend Keegan had dropped off sugar cookies for us to enjoy and Lue snuck so many that morning and okay, I did too. We couldn't wait for the sleepies to wake up and they came downstairs around 7:45am with the cutest bed head. The sun had not even risen yet and we were all snuggled in the living room, coffee in hand, beginning to pass around the gifts. This year we got the girls a lot of small little items. Lots of pink for Lue because that's what she is into lately and a few simple things for Minoux. Lue was absolutely thrilled for a new flashlight and headlamp, new pink art supplies, rose soap, and a bunch of unicorn books and a "pin the horn on the unicorn" paper game. 

Loving all the cozy light coming off the Christmas tree this early morning.

One of my favorite gifts was this Martha Stewart copper cookie cutter collection! It has puppy cutouts, snowflakes and trees and a wedding cake. So delightful! I want to cut out Luie's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with them. 

Lue dug right into her pink art supplies and colored for a long duration of the morning.

I kind of love this selfie of Max and Lue! 

Bruce and Badger and their Christmas bones! 

Minoux's first Christmas! 

Such a beautiful celebration over two days. We spent time with my family and Max's and slept over both nights, waking to warm cinnamon rolls and breakfasts together. Lue went ice skating for the first time and LOVED it! Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season! 

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