New Years Day Tea Tradition


Most beautiful morning on a New Years breakfast date with Lue, princess dresses, velvet heels and all. We have driven past this historic hotel and restaurant so many times and Lue has asked to have a "princess tea" there, so officially starting a New Years Day tradition for the girls and I. Never thought I'd be wearing my prom dress out in public again and definitely worth the weird looks, because I've never seen more joy on Lue's face than us wearing them out together. We chatted over eggs and pancakes and danced. Sat and played unicorns at the table. Started the year with moments of telling her hi, sweet daughter. You have worth and value. I love you when you're happy or sad or angry and nothing you do will change my love for you. I will treasure this morning forever of our first annual princess tradition together. 

She wore soft pink blush and the necklace I wore at our wedding and we even curled her hair a bit. We sat on every couch in the lounge area. Stared up at the chandeliers on the ceiling. Took some of the morning to interview her, asking what she likes and doesn't like about me as her Mama. I know she is only three, but there is much to learn from our beautiful loves if we listen. It's amazing how they are with us for such a short time and mind blowing how sometimes the world has such grand expectations for them. Kids are "supposed to" only eat at certain times, sit at the table the entire duration of a meal, forced to hug others, sleep consistently and perfectly well, never have breakdowns or emotions are programmed to just obey, when in reality, no grown adult even does those things. I've been reading about giving more grace to kids, more acceptance to their changing worlds, less perfection, less rules, more empathy, more wild and free, more genuine connection rather than expectation. Sometimes it's good to look at them and remember, wow you are not a robot in which the adult pushes the buttons, but a real human, with real tiny needs and real things that matter to you, real emotions and genuine hurts and your own heart. We need to offer more grace to kids. I want to do that. 

She seemed so grown up to me. She said she loves when I sleep by her all night, when I play with her and when I sing to her. She doesn't like when I am angry. I agreed, and told her I would really work on that. We talked about how everyone has good and bad parts about them. How people make mistakes and how we can show love to one another through them. She devoured her pancakes. 

Until next year, my love! Thank you for teaching me about myself and showing yourself to me. 

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