Ginger Mushroom Stew


This is one of my favorite meals and a lot of people have asked for the recipe to Ginger Mushroom Stew, so I thought I'd share!

Three large Portabella mushrooms
Two cups of button mushrooms (You can't overdo these! Add more if you'd like!) 
Five cups of mushroom stock
Five oz fresh ginger root
Ten to fifeteen carrots
One red pepper
Four white potatoes
Half a head of cabbage
One head of broccoli 
One cup of flour
Four Garlic Cloves 
One teaspoon of ground ginger
One Tablespoon of coconut oil

Mushrooms are so mysterious. They grow from the ground in the most curious of
locations and in the most intriguing directions. What’s more woodsy than topping stew with sliced mushrooms? This deep scent of ginger filling the kitchen. It’s root is deep and it centers the stews taste quite well. It offers a warmth that nourishes both body and mind. Fall in love with this process. Take your time cutting these vegetables and appreciate the colors, shapes, and patterns they emit. How can this cabbage even be so vibrant? It will simmer and float in this stew like lace. Coconut oil is incredible for increasing energy for your next adventure. It wards off bacterias and infections and fuels your gut like no other. Double this recipe for great go to leftovers for a warm, comforting lunch tomorrow.

For the most delightful Mushroom Ginger Stew, chop the cabbage, broccoli, red pepper into thicker chunks. The carrots should be sliced into small half circles. It's a stew so the spoonfuls will want to be more chunky and stocky and add depth to each bite. Boil the flour in two cups of water in a separate pan and add to pot. Simmer in coconut oil on low until vegetables have hints of caramelization and are slightly soft. Grate fresh ginger and simmer for 10-15 minutes on a low to medium heat. Slice up all mushrooms and set aside. Add in the ground ginger, garlic cloves, mushroom stock, add salt and pepper and simmer on medium for 10 minutes. Add in chopped mushrooms. Top with goat cheese and heavy amounts of black pepper.
Hope you enjoy! It's not quite consistently warm in Minnesota yet, so it's safe to hold on to a couple warm dishes. 

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