Cereal Saturday!


I love the idea of finding creative ways to say yes to our children instead of just no. We started Cereal Saturday about six weeks ago because Lue was craving cereal every single morning and even though it was good options from the co-op, we wanted to find a way to introduce other healthier options to begin the day. So instead of just saying no every single day we changed it to have something to look forward to on Saturday mornings together. Isn't it easier to just say, 'No... Or.. Because I said so' which doesn't promote genuine connection. I want to keep finding ways to parent where connection is a goal. 

Friday night I usually set out a Cereal Saturday scene with anything magical that I can find. Sometimes it's a new bar of Rose soap or a semi wilted flower or a fresh bundle of eucalyptus or lined up animals, but now she gets so excited to have cereal on Saturdays. Awhile back we also signed her up for Fairy Mail. We save them for Saturdays together and throughout the month she gets letters from this beautiful company and the letters are literally so gorgeous.

They're filled with gorgeous adventures, stories, magical endeavors and integrate examples and small ways of being kind and generous to others or creative with nature. It's so simple but I feel like maybe, hopefully she'll grow up cherishing and remembering Saturday mornings being so special together as a family.

Her Mimi made her this unicorn rock this week. So darling! Those mane and tail strokes! 

 The tiniest copper mug for milk. 

 I love heavily integrating subliminal messages with that unicorn like, "You can do it girl. You can crush this Saturday. You can climb that eucalyptus mountain. You can."

Happy Cereal Saturday! Magic and wonder can be dripped in the simplest forms, yes? I mean, it's just cereal but every Saturday you'd think Lue was experiencing some sort of actual magic. It's so special to see her so happy and excited for Saturday mornings. 

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