Chamomile Roasted Veggies with Jasmine Rice


You guys. This is such a simple recipe filled with so much wonder. Vegetarian Chamomile roasted veggies with Jasmine Rice for lunch this last Sunday. We do enjoy meat dishes but also blend in Vegeterian options often as well. It always feels like this beautiful cleanse to the body to consume. I can't even believe this but research indicates that apigenin, an anti-anxiety agent found in the chamomile flower, binds to the same receptors in the brain as prescription sedatives. What. Also, regular chamomile tea drinkers have elevated levels of hippurate, an antibacterial compound that can help fight infections brought on by colds. 

How to Use:
Buy fresh chamomile flowers (they’re edible) at the farmers’ market, or dried German chamomile in the bulk spice or tea section of natural food stores. For tea, steep chamomile 10-15 minutes to bring out flavors and add to soup, stews, or sneak into your toddlers macaroni.This last Sunday, I did make macaroni for Luella to pair with these veggies and I sprinkled the top with dried lavender. I love the idea of adding small dashes of magic of sustenance to our world of eating. It can be in the simplest of ways! 

Recipe: Chamomile Roasted Vegeteables with Jasmine Rice

Grow or gather fennel, carrots, corn, and cauliflower. All of these are similar strength in flavor so they pair well and none of the flavors seem to overtake. It's a good balance. Lay in pan with two cups of water steeped in chamomile tea.  Crush dried chamomile and sprinkle on top with salt and pepper. Gather mounds of Jasmine Rice in corners sunken into the steeped tea. Bake at 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes, checking often for soft veggies. I love this range of baking time because I thinks there's such a preference of vegetable consumption, whether crisp and firm veggies or your fork barely touching the top of the carrot without sinking right in easily to cut. Both are excellent routes. The more raw the vegetable, the more nutrition. Serves well with a side salad of Arugula and Kale with raspberries on top. Such an incredible cleansed meal that is both nourishing and calming. Everyone could use a little more calm in their life, yes? I for sure can. 


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