The Gindelion Cocktail


The Gindelion Cocktail 

Gin (Organic if possible or locally batched) 
Pesticide Free Fresh Dandelion 
Dandelion Tea Bags (sold at most grocery stores) 
Wildflower Raw Honey (sold at Farmer's markets and more and more grocery stores!) 

I feel bad for those little weeds. They pop up so pretty and yellow and instantly everyone is complaining about their existence. Chopping them out, spraying them down, and bursting negativity on them. Here's a way to use them in a beneficial and beautiful way! 

This drink is a beautiful expression of the woods. A perfect cocktail for a forager, explorer or outdoorsman or woman.. It's a drink that combines the essence of the forest, the tip top Pine Needle essence of gin and the ground floor beauty of a dandelion. I like this drink because you can prepare it ahead of time in bulk, chill it in the refrigerator and drink it throughout the week but also have it prepared to pair with gin for you and a friend or for guests that come over. It is a subtly earthy taste. It feels fresh and raw at the same time and the color reminds me of the forest floor. It's the drink one would enjoy after an entire day out foraging for morel mushrooms or gardening.  We are making this with fresh, real dandelion so you've got to be prepared to get a little dirty! 

This recipe serves two. Drinks seem to have a little bit of personal preference mixed in. I like to use a one to one ratio with most cocktails but if this is too strong, or not strong enough, feel free to discover your own ratios. 

How can a root make someone so happy? I'll never know, but it was a joy when it came out all in one piece. 

One of my favorite brands of Gin to use because it's Minnesotan, but there are a lot of other ones out there too! 

Chop the leaves and petals of a dandelion. Depending on the size of your dandelion, use around ten to fifteen leaves and as many heads as are bloomed. Drop in three dandelion tea bags. Boil in three cups of water for fifteen to twenty minutes. You'll lose a little water in evaporation, hence the extra cup or so of water.  Add in a tablespoon of Raw Wildflower Honey and stir until dissolved. Let steep on the stovetop, strain, cool, and set in refrigerator overnight. If you're looking to make this same day, just bring it to room temperature before serving. If you're not into alcohol, this drink right here is an amazing one to chill all summer long! 

Add in one to one ratio of gin to dandelion liquid. Discover your perfect ratio here and don't be afraid to focus on your audience to accommodate what they might be into. It would make an incredible pitcher full of floating dandelion heads with gorgeous color and a dash of gin for an afternoon outdoor get together. Pour over heavy ice and shake in cocktail shaker. Delight. 

Garnish with rinsed fresh stems and leaves and dandelion heads! Super impressive and ultra earthy. :) 

Dandelion has some incredible health benefits. There were a lot of resources to research through and here's one source I found intriguing. Read more here. There is a TON of information on that beautiful website. Would love to hear if you have additional information in regards to this weed's benefits! 
Dandelion is a source of a variety of nutrients and the leaves and root contain Vitamins (like A,C, K and B-vitamins) as well as minerals (including magnesium, zinc, potassium, iron, calcium and choline). The various parts of the plant have a long history of use as an herbal remedy, and every documented population in areas where it grows naturally has used it medicinally.
It also serves as an abundant natural food source, as all parts of the plant can be eaten. The root is often roasted and used in teas or consumed whole. The leaves make a great addition to salads or other dishes requiring greens and the flowers (while still yellow), can be eaten raw, cooked or even made into wine! Traditional cultures have used dandelion to support digestive and hormone health and it was often consumed to support lactation or to help remedy issues like urinary tract infections.
Please let me know if you try this! I have a huge jar in my fridge right now and I am indulging on it throughout the day and have added in the gin to transition into dinnertime/evening for quite a delightful, earthy treat. Not into drinking it? Pick the fresh leaves and add into your bed of kale or arugula. A dash of bitter, so good for the liver.  Happy Dandelion Foraging season. Let's love those pesky little weeds! 
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