A Plant Press, a Garden Planner, and a Blush Leather Journal.


Once upon a Sunday, I felt loads and loads of inspiration. Goodness, this weekend has been so good. Parks and sweaty walks and runs with Lue and pull ups in the trees. It is good to be active and good to move our bodies. I met with my friend, Jen and we sat together giddy. We researched and sourced some amazing goods that I cannot wait to experiment with and document for the book. She gave me this gorgeous wooden floral press (see similar here) and I spent the afternoon pressing dandelion, lilac, and willow branches. I can't wait to see how they turn out! 

I spent so much time snuggled next to Lue and Min while we all took turns reading stories and me exploring this beautiful Garden Planner by Tootie + Dotes. Oh, I've spent too much time enjoying this beautiful site and hello, so drawn to good articles like this one, How to Build Your Own Damn Campfire.  She says, "Changing a flat tire, home repairs, starting the campfire- why are girls being kept out of learning these skills growing up? Are we too busy learning to sew and paint our nails? The truth is we are probably just way too comfortable asking for help." I love this. Unrelated note from gardening and flower pressing and journaling, but I definitely want to teach the girls how to change a flat tire (so easy), build their own campfires and be strong women. Whispering voices in their head like, "You can do this. You can garden but also mow the lawn and fish and fix that front step." 

Where was I...? OH! The garden planner! First of all, THE COLOR! So gorgeous. Such incredible design, filled with a gardening calendar, growth layout inspirations, coloring pages, a lunar guide, and a lot more. I hope you get one of these! 

Overly inspired by this Fennel Gum! It's the little things! 

Snip, Press, Dry, Repeat. 

The other thing that rocked my design world this weekend was this insanely perfect leather journal. So far it has all my writings in it documenting this cookbook writing process. From the first launch call notes with my editor and agent to chapter category ideas and small little quotes or ideas that fill my head. I will treasure this forever. The color reminds me of the softest blush pink, which let me guess, you're like, "shut up already about the blush pink, Johnna." But I will not. You can't stop me! 

Her name is Laney of Linens and Grains  and she is a wife, mother and humble homesteader. She loves nature, real food, traveling, yoga and creating. Thank you for sharing this talent with us Laney. The journal is incredible and I am already eager for it to grasp that worn in leather look. Get yours here

Happy Gardening, flat tire changing, journalling season to you. Oh my goodness, there is life to be lived out there! Let's live it! (Too cliche? I'm serious though, that's how I feel today.) 

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