We are writing a cookbook!


'Tales from a Forager's Kitchen'

a cookbook bringing nourishment, discovery, and wonder back to the table 

We are beyond grateful to share that we will officially be working with Rodale Publishing in designing and producing a cookbook titled, "Tales From a Forager's Kitchen." It will be dripping with visuals and induce both adventurous cooking and living. It will evoke an appreciation for this earth and the landscape in Minnesota! 

The recipes will braid foraging, exploring and being adventurous outdoors and in our kitchen. It will explore beautiful, out of routine ingredients and introduce magic and fascination to what we put inside our body. It will bring nourishment, discovery, and wonder back to the table. The Illustrative work will be by Bear Fox Chalk and the photography by Matt Lien

I have always dreamt of creating and designing a cookbook and the process began about two years ago when I started documenting a hashtag for myself, like a series or collection that brought me joy. When I became a Mom, cooking or baking in the kitchen became such an outlet of bliss and joy for me. I felt like human Johnna again, instead of just Mom Johnna. I've always felt inspired by food and ingredients. I wondered if simple ingredients could be presented in a way that makes anyone...a child or adult..feel enticed and intrigued. #FoxTabletop was a journal of joy for me and then this last January the actual journey began with my agent Kim Perel, by creating a proposal (a huge thanks to Olivia Herrick for the design layout for this and Anne Sage for even believing in me) and marketing plan and specific ideas for the cookbook and now it feels SO unreal that it is actually happening! It was a ton of hard work at the beginning of this year putting together a proposal that I felt so proud of and so many late nights and early mornings. It will be the biggest honor to work with both such an enthusiastic editor Dervla Kelley and Jennifer Levesque, the wonderful editorial director at Rodale. 

We are SO overjoyed to have the girls be a part of it all too. Max and I will be working together and it will be a joyous story to share with the girls as they get older. It's also so nice to have them be a part of it at their young ages and I'm sure a blend of crazy as we go on the this journey with two little ones within the home! 

It has been the most celebratory week. Especially so strange and beautiful reading the email from my agent saying, "Yes! You are an author!" Here we go! I worked all weekend with Max and the girls doing research and writing and beginning the layout of the entire book and it was already SO much fun and beautifully overwhelming. I am so thrilled to be doing this with Max and the girls. 

If you are further interested to find out about my journey to publication, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Tales From a Forager's Kitchen will be sold in stores, online and all over the world in the Spring of 2018. We are SO happy and have a TON of work ahead! 

Cheers to new adventures! 

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