Home Sold!


It's been a busy summer! We sold our home in Stillwater and moved! Such an incredible whirlwind and sometimes can't believe it all happened so fast. We put our house on the market and a week later accepted a cash offer and they requested to close in two week. So the same day we found out about the accepted offer, I started putting our belongings in boxes and purging the heck out of our house. It was a wonderful cleanse. I narrowed down my entire wardrobe to only things I truly love, got rid of a ton of toys that the girls never played with and the biggest one was going through the kitchen and narrowing down the items that I never used in there. It felt SO good to cleanse. 

It was incredibly emotional to leave this home. Luella crawled and walked here for the first time, it was our first home as a married couple, and I was pregnant with Minoux in it too. Such a flurry of busy but the day we closed, we swept up the last bit of dirt and took out that last box of random cleaning supplies and walked through the house with the girls. Max carried Min and I carried Lue and we just walked through each room saying goodbye as the tears dripped down our face remembering so many memories. Luella was even sad and we all just held each other and talk through some beautiful moments. This house carried us through three Minnesota winters. We walked to so many parks nearby, the community garden, had friendships bloom under this roof and Max and I grew a ton throughout this time too. It's where I started photographing the meals and recipes that inspired me. The pets both lived here as their first home with us and just wow, so many emotions. 

I think whenever someone sell a home, it's a bittersweet for sure. We wanted a little more land, to stretch our wings and breathe and we've always wanted to be in the woods or close to them. So the change was welcomed, but we couldn't help but just have so many treasured moments there. We dropped the girls off at Max's parents and went back just Max and I and sat at the top of the stairs just holding each other crying. (Yeah we are super emo... we're not ashamed) So much emotion and hard work went into preparation for selling but also the two weeks that just flew by with packing and working and life and it was finished. Onto the next. We felt like we were able to process it all so beautifully and will forever have the most delightful memories of "Green House" as we all call it. Luella named it that one time and it sorta stuck. Goodbye Green House! 

 We have visited a few times since moving and while we are really happy with where we are at, it's been a joy to go back and relive some of our moments in a busier town. The home went to the most beautiful family who own their own stationery company and we've stayed in touch quite a bit. They've already made the space even better than we ever had it, and it weirdly feels good that it's in good hands. 

If you're looking for a realtor in the Arizona area, we literally couldn't recommend Nicole Park enough. She carried us through this whole transition and was just absolutely incredible. 

Goodbye sweet Stillwater home! We love you! 
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