Tales From a Forager's Kitchen Sneak Peek!


The other busiest but beautiful thing this summer has been WRITING a COOKBOOK! I still have to pinch myself OFTEN that I am actually doing this. But it seems like it's been this beautiful back and forth between Max and I, coming up with ideations and shoot locations and illustrative visions. I've been working on the manuscript, still formulating a lot of recipes and shooting with Matt Lien. Our first shoot was epic and I am just thrilled to be working with him. He captured every single thing I imagined for this shoot depicting a "connection with the earth." It's been such an incredible joy to dream of this book in print with Max. To bounce around ideas and nail down the illustration details. Here's a few sneak peek shots. 

All I want to do is share and write and seep everything that I've been writing and looking into and experiencing during the manuscript process. It has been really enjoyable. Lately though, I have been thinking about the idea of a connection with the earth. A pause with it's beauty. A deep appreciation. It rained for the entire duration of the shoot. Unplanned bliss. What it means to walk through the earth and fully embrace all it has to offer. To breathe it in and experience what it might do for us to be outdoors. The texture of wet moss. The cool air during the middle of a rain. The way that everything both brightens and deepens in tone at sunrise. What excites me is gathering goods that grow from the ground, but likewise simply having a mindset to connect to what we are eating with intention. Even if someone doesn't live near the woods, the essence can translate into what is on their plate- wherever they are, wherever they live. I've been curious about delving into what small intentional steps of appreciation and new experiences with earth grown goods can do for us and our well-being and intrigued with how to bottle up intention and wonder and pour it out at the table. 

This swamp was gorgeous. I am so happy Matt was able to capture how magical it was. I will say though, it was pretty chilly that day.  

I cannot wait to have this beauty published and I hope it connects with you somehow and draws you to nature and this beautiful earth. 

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