Up North!


So we had a little bit of time in between when we closed on our next home, so we drove up north for a mini family vacation and stayed a cabin on a lake. We had the brilliant idea of driving up there in the evening while the girls slept, but ended up hitting a huge storm and it was a brutal drive there. But all in all, you win some you lose some... the girls were crashed asleep. We had a wondering time together with the girls foraging, eating, cooking, sleeping, writing, and chalking. Literally that's all we did besides the lake days when it was good weather. The lake was right off the deck and both girls absolutely loved the water. If you're ever looking for a place to cabin in Minnesota, you have to check out some options HERE

Exercising on trees. Totally legit. He teaches me so much. 

Minnesota, you are just the best! 
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