A Forager's Kitchen


When we walked through the A-frame this summer, the kitchen was like that emoji with the circle mouth and wide open eyes and cheeks that are a little blushed. Like uhh! Okay we could make a few changes in here! But the open space, six windows that look out to the back woods and general layout made us feel optimistic. Both houses we have ever purchased needed "vision". Neither of them were perfectly done or even close to it. The A-frame had a lot of things that needed "vision" and that made it part of the process, induced gratitude, and made it fun to add our own elements a little. To be perfectly honest, when we started designing the kitchen, I felt these tugs like.. "oh it should be this... it should be that... is it modern enough? wait, that's not even what I am drawn to.." It didn't start feeling good, until I put all of that aside and just went with what WE would like and what we were drawn to. What we would want to actually live in. It was first painted all white and then didn't quite feel like me, so after painting the walls a shade of green, things started to feel a lot better! Always trust yourself and listen to your heart in designing, not what you are "supposed to" do or what you think others will like. I can honestly say now the kitchen is one of our favorite places in the home now, and legit isn't perfect but here are a few of my favorite things about it. Sorry in advance for the image count! 

The Before: Lots of peel up linoleum, dark cabinets, and that gorgeous linear light! Yikes.

We found this gorgeous fridge from an estate sale in Minneapolis! One of my favorite colors for sure. 

A small space for my beeswax candles, salt block, tea funnels, measuring cups, some of my baking pans and pine tree collection. Originally those deer weren't going to be in here but Lue asked to keep them where she can see them because they reminded of me and her, so I kept them here. There used to be two deer but she gave the other one away to my Mom. 

Raw linen needing proper curtain rods. The goal for this weekend! 

Cattails for cattail flour! I made this twice this summer and can't tell you how the process changed the way I view going to the store and putting a bag of flour into my cart. Absolute gratitude. 

That kitchen island was a find almost four years ago and we were so happy it fit so well in this space too. 

 This summer's pickled chanterelles, queen annes lace, dill and onion blend. 

One of my favorite foraged finds in our backyard this summer. 

Installing our brass sink was a legit highlight of my summer. Thank you You Tube!

Where to Find: 

Copper Pots and Pans Set- Crate and Barrel
Glass and Brass Chandelier- Rejuvenation
Beeswax Candles- The Foundry Home Goods
Measuring Cups: Schoolhouse Electric
Brass Farmhouse Sink: Texas Lightsmith
Plateware and Dishes: Mette Duedahl
Bear Fox Illustration: Bear Fox Chalk
Raw Linen Curtains: Linen Bee
Copper Cookie Cutters: Martha Stewart by Mail 

So thankful to have this space to write and create in for the cookbook and to cook and bake with and for my family. 

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