Happiest Outdoors. Forever.


Such a beautiful snowy weekend it was in Minnesota. We spent much of it outdoors paving new snow trails around the yard and in the woods and it felt so good to breathe in the air. Max pulled the girls on the sleigh over and over and we sort of kinda warmed up in the greenhouse after the hike. I have dreams of a wood burning stove and a better layout, but for now it has been a most magical spot to sit and consume honey hot cocoa. 

The dogs have been obsessed with diving and eating the fresh snow and Bruce has been a bit too explorative lately so he's on a bit of a temporary leash grounding to rein him in a bit. I don't blame him, there are no walls when it snows and easy to get lost in the moment of running and wondrous exploring. :) 

Our first heavy snowfall here we learned a thing or two about country living. Like, BUY A TRACTOR or decent snow plow of some kind. Of course, there are so many other things on our mind that it came to our forefront much later than desired. Max spent most of the morning shoveling the driveway for my brother and friend to come over that day and had us both searching online for some better snow removal options ASAP! I went out for groceries and literally attempted to get up our slippery driveway at least ten times. It was comical. I mean ridiculous and there was no other option but to legit laugh at my attempt, but alas! the eleventh time with much determination, I made it. We bought salt today for the mini portion of driveway hill and realized how the simplest thing can be a dose of humble pie. I am so grateful to have a vehicle in this weather! We spent more time outdoors today and there's more cold and snow on its way. We put up a drying rack by the front door and it's the perfect functional use for it to throw all the wet, snowy clothes onto after an outdoor hike. I imagine it will stay there full of layers all season long. 

Happiest outdoors. Forever. 

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