2015 Champagne and Chandeliers Event!


This year's 2015 Champagne and Chandeliers event was so incredibly fun. It truly was. I had actually not expected to host it this year with Minoux being only about three months old but I secretly wanted to so bad. Then one day Max came walking through the door from work and said, "I've been thinking... would you want to host the workshop again this year?" I was ecstatic and so happy he was thinking the same thing. It was such an incredible joy (and a ton of work!) to plan again this year and it ended up selling out all 20 spots over the weekend and I was so thrilled to add an additional 10 that sold out by the end of the week. It was the perfect amount although I am always curious about how large of a space we could fill with even MORE eucalyptus. 

Thank you first, to my brother who has helped me the last two years to put this on. Seriously though, he is so selfless and I can't thank him enough for everything. Thanks to my sweet man spending time with the girls at home and pushing me to be "human" for a day instead of solely "mom." It means the world to me to have your freedom and encouragement to pursue beautiful things outside the home. A special thank you to his parents too, for helping with the girls on that long day away. Also to my sweet sister who not only bought an actually ticket but stayed that evening and helped with so much cleanup, far past she had to or needed to. It was so meaningful to me. 

 Genuinely, it was a beautiful evening of togetherness. The blooms were gorgeous, the champagne was flowing and I think the cheese would be the food I would request to eat if I only had one meal left on this earth. But the focus was even deeper than that. 

I shared a little on the evening about connection. Intention with others. Being brave enough to meet someone new or try something new. In my last few years I've found out that I've almost closed myself off to others to some degree. It feels really scary to create a connection with someone and then to be hurt or unintentionally hurt them relationally and this night, for me, was even a small celebration of jumping out of a comfort zone to do something new or meet someone new or learn something new. It was truly a beautiful evening and I literally cannot wait for next December to host again. 

The beautiful Jessie, one of our sponsors for the evening, from Wool & Whiskey! 

My beautiful friend, Keegan who joined us for the evening and helped so so much. Thank you Keegan!

 Thank you to Wool and Whiskey + 100 Layer Cake who were our sponsors this year! 

A million thank you's to so many incredible business who were woven into this year's workshop. 

Gypsy in the Midst

Photography- Emilie Ann Szabo

If you attending this year's Champagne and Chandelier's event and you're reading this, would you mind leaving your favorite aspect about the evening in the comments? I would absolutely love to know!!! 

Cannot even wait until next year! One of my most treasured moments of 2015 for sure! 

Spicy Peanut Quinoa Goodness


One of my favorite things to do it make large amounts of dishes and drinks and enjoy them over the span of days. Most made delights for me are large mason jars of chilled chamomile and black tea, homemade cold press, and chills. I love chills and the way they fuel us and transition so easily from the fridge to the stove and then back to the fridge. This week I made a Spicy Peanut Quinoa pasta dish that I wanted to share. 

It made the perfect lunch and let's be honest, breakfast too, and Max finished off the entire bowl for supper #2 one night. For those of you that don't know, Bears like Max eat supper #1 and #2 around 9pm. 

Anyways, this was a huge hit. Pairs well with beer, fresh avocado and a baby on your chest. You should know I also got really good at making macaroni and cheese and eggs with ketchup this week for Lue too. Those just, you know, don't look quite as pretty. 


Half a box of Quinoa noodles
Two green peppers
Organic canned corn (would be incredible with fresh local corn in season, but hello it's winter in Minnesota) 
Organic kidney beans 
Aged white cheddar 
Spicy Peanut Viniagrette 

Not sure exactly why this recipe made my week a little better, but it did! It felt like the biggest treat to sit and enjoy. What have you been making lately? Can you send them my way?

New Years Day Tea Tradition


Most beautiful morning on a New Years breakfast date with Lue, princess dresses, velvet heels and all. We have driven past this historic hotel and restaurant so many times and Lue has asked to have a "princess tea" there, so officially starting a New Years Day tradition for the girls and I. Never thought I'd be wearing my prom dress out in public again and definitely worth the weird looks, because I've never seen more joy on Lue's face than us wearing them out together. We chatted over eggs and pancakes and danced. Sat and played unicorns at the table. Started the year with moments of telling her hi, sweet daughter. You have worth and value. I love you when you're happy or sad or angry and nothing you do will change my love for you. I will treasure this morning forever of our first annual princess tradition together. 

She wore soft pink blush and the necklace I wore at our wedding and we even curled her hair a bit. We sat on every couch in the lounge area. Stared up at the chandeliers on the ceiling. Took some of the morning to interview her, asking what she likes and doesn't like about me as her Mama. I know she is only three, but there is much to learn from our beautiful loves if we listen. It's amazing how they are with us for such a short time and mind blowing how sometimes the world has such grand expectations for them. Kids are "supposed to" only eat at certain times, sit at the table the entire duration of a meal, forced to hug others, sleep consistently and perfectly well, never have breakdowns or emotions are programmed to just obey, when in reality, no grown adult even does those things. I've been reading about giving more grace to kids, more acceptance to their changing worlds, less perfection, less rules, more empathy, more wild and free, more genuine connection rather than expectation. Sometimes it's good to look at them and remember, wow you are not a robot in which the adult pushes the buttons, but a real human, with real tiny needs and real things that matter to you, real emotions and genuine hurts and your own heart. We need to offer more grace to kids. I want to do that. 

She seemed so grown up to me. She said she loves when I sleep by her all night, when I play with her and when I sing to her. She doesn't like when I am angry. I agreed, and told her I would really work on that. We talked about how everyone has good and bad parts about them. How people make mistakes and how we can show love to one another through them. She devoured her pancakes. 

Until next year, my love! Thank you for teaching me about myself and showing yourself to me. 

Christmas with the loves!


Our Christmas Eve morning was just the most lovely. Lue and I woke up early and the excitement we shared over Christmas morning was pure delight. Max and Minoux slept in bed late, cozied close in the family bed. All in one bed and we honestly couldn't imagine sleeping any other way for the first years of the girls' life. I still check to make sure Minoux is breathing, please tell me I'm not the only Mama who does that! There will be many nights ahead where I imagine an empty house with just Max and I in bed with the girls all grown and I know we will treasure being right there for them all through the night for as long as they needed us. Lue woke up so chatty, as always and we snuck downstairs. I lit every single beeswax candle we owned and turned on Christmas music. My friend Keegan had dropped off sugar cookies for us to enjoy and Lue snuck so many that morning and okay, I did too. We couldn't wait for the sleepies to wake up and they came downstairs around 7:45am with the cutest bed head. The sun had not even risen yet and we were all snuggled in the living room, coffee in hand, beginning to pass around the gifts. This year we got the girls a lot of small little items. Lots of pink for Lue because that's what she is into lately and a few simple things for Minoux. Lue was absolutely thrilled for a new flashlight and headlamp, new pink art supplies, rose soap, and a bunch of unicorn books and a "pin the horn on the unicorn" paper game. 

Loving all the cozy light coming off the Christmas tree this early morning.

One of my favorite gifts was this Martha Stewart copper cookie cutter collection! It has puppy cutouts, snowflakes and trees and a wedding cake. So delightful! I want to cut out Luie's peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with them. 

Lue dug right into her pink art supplies and colored for a long duration of the morning.

I kind of love this selfie of Max and Lue! 

Bruce and Badger and their Christmas bones! 

Minoux's first Christmas! 

Such a beautiful celebration over two days. We spent time with my family and Max's and slept over both nights, waking to warm cinnamon rolls and breakfasts together. Lue went ice skating for the first time and LOVED it! Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season! 

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