A Nature Collection: preserving finds


A Nature Collection series has started around here and while this isn't a wildly original idea by any means, I've been so happy with it all. It's given us a tangible way to view and enjoy our nature finds. The largest one is titled, 'Our First Summer And Fall at the A-Frame, 2016.' I've been pressing and drying my finds or the ones the girls have been drawn to since we moved in last summer and have been writing little notes to the girls on the back of every single one, like small journal entries or words I hope for them to remember. Focusing on encapsulating what that hike was like or what they said to me, their Dad, or each other during it, like a collection of stories with visual aids. So far I have teared up writing each of the notes to them. (Claaaasic Mom) I want to keep collecting and framing and I dream of filling as much space on the walls as each season passes to bottle up moments spent together outdoors, connecting. I imagine, "Summer 2022, Lue turns ten. Finds robins eggs. Baby robins have flown the nest." Or something like that... Some of the frames are old, some of the frames are new, but each one is titled something different according to that day or experience. 

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