Charcoal Cinnamon Rolls; A Story about Dark Magic


I'm just kidding, I don't have a story about dark magic. But did the title intrigue you? You can say no... 

It was warm-ish this last week, but more snow came today and I've made five batches of these rolls for our family and others and I cannot even explain how delicious they are. I think protocol is to be more humble when you bake something, or like play it down, but these are one of the best things I've ever made and I feel really proud of them. Mushrooms, goat cheese, cinnamon, brown sugar, butter... all of this together in one little roll.... 



I have been completely enamored lately by cooking and baking with Activated Charcoal Powder for two reasons. 1. I personally have seen anyone in my little circle of viewings, work with charcoal before so it feels like un-charted, exceptionally exciting territory. 2. Because charcoal is so near and dear to me. It has incredible healing benefits and I've been taking it in capsule form for the last few years. Just the most incredible powdered magic. Dark magic, I guess one would say...... No, no, okay, only good magic. Activated Charcoal powder is incredibly detoxifying. It travels into your body, expands, absorbs toxins and bacteria and takes them away. It can be used to relieve bloating and gas or that one feeling you get after you had a little too much wine the night before, for hair and skin, to treat insect stings and mild infections and even to whiten teeth. For me, I have taken it at the very first sign of anything stomach related and completely swear by it. What I am drawn to in this recipe, is combining the sweet with the nourishing benefits of mushrooms, charcoal powder and goat cheese... it's a cinnamon roll that doesn't make you feel like shit, I mean garbage afterwards. It's a breakfast delight with sustenance. You have to try it.


How gorgeous and velvety is this stuff? I want curtains in this pigmented color. I am completely intrigued with it. 

You'll need a loaf of sweet dough to start. Homemade is so good and so simple. It freezes really well to be able to pull out at anytime the night before or even morning of, at the crack of dawn when those little lives wake up. 

Recipe for sweet dough: 

1/2 cup whole milk 
1/4 cup wild yeast 
1/4 cup pure cane sugar 
4 Tablespoons butter (room temperature) 
1 Large egg yolk 
2 3/4 cups whole wheat flour (can substitute acorn flour, coconut flour, almond flour.. ) 
3/4 teaspoon salt 
1/2 teaspoon cloves (optional) 

Begin to combine dry ingredients in a bowl. Warm the milk just slightly and combine in bowl along with the butter, egg yolk, and wild yeast. Mix with hands or mixer until combined. Roll out in sprinkled flour on the counter, kneading the air bubbles out. Notice the dough. If it still seems too sticky, add in a handful of flour and knead until elastic. If it seems too dry, lay flat and scoop a Tablespoon more of wild yeast and work in with hands again, kneading and combining. Set aside to rise. Seal up in container or generally I used recycled plastic wrap. (For example, my old bags I used to buy bulk oatmeal.. etc) and store in fridge or freezer. 

(I won't judge you if you just buy sweet dough from the store... what's important are the following steps for the rolls... but the sweet dough does make it taste better, in my opinion!) 


Foraged Mushroom and Charcoal Cinnamon Rolls 

1-2 cups of chopped mushrooms (I know, just TRUST me...) 
3 Tablespoons of goat cheese (Cream cheese is also incredible) 
1 cup Raw Turbinado sugar 
1/2 cup brown sugar 
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon 
1 stick of softened butter 
1 Tablespoon of Charcoal Powder 
1/4 teaspoon cloves (optional) 



Roll out dough in a square formation, leaving the edges to be thin but not breakable. Begin with the butter and the rule is you have to just use your hands here. Get in there and apply the butter to that sweet dough. Lay chopped mushrooms. Spread evenly over the whole square here. Plop dollops of goat cheese evenly! Sprinkle sugars and cinnamon and cloves. End with charcoal powder by evenly sprinkling over entire square. 


Begin to roll the edge that's closest to you, gently pulling towards you with each tug and continuing the roll all the way towards the opposite edge to make a nice long tube-like roll. Butter your cinnamon roll pan. So many options here.... I've made them in mini loaf pans, petite copper ware, full sheet sized pans and round cake pans. All good options. Take a knife and begin to make slices into the tube, about two or three inches long.. but again go with what type of pan you have.. play around... long and short cuts make for big and small rolls. For example: you've had two cinnamon and kinda want another, but feel awkward about it, you can grab a mini one and then all is right in the world. Layer in pan and sprinkle on top with additional charcoal powder.  Bake at 350 degrees for 27-30 minutes. Check in on them and wait until edges are browned to your liking. Since Activated Charcoal Powder is going to be entering the body to rid of toxins, don't forget to pair a big glass of water with this recipe. I've been trying to bring more water consumption into my diet and can feel a difference in a lot of ways. 


Extra bonus points if you forage you're own mushrooms. Tell me, would you try these? 
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