Magic Clove Cough Suckers


It's about that time of year in Minnesota when there seems to be a consistent little cough that sometimes lingers and lingers, like that darn squirrel on our bird feeder. Just ALWAYS there. (I still love you squirrel) Lue has had a little cough for the last few days and kept asking today for a honey sucker so we finally made them together. It was honestly SO simple and she has absolutely loved them. It's a nourishing and healthy way to heal the throat, give them an activity to focus on besides the cough, and a sweet and magical way to spark wonder in a child's world.


Magic Clove Cough Suckers (and cough drops!) 

1/2 cup Local Honey 
1/4 teaspoon Ginger 
1/4 teaspoon Cloves 

*Optional Tablespoon of Elderberry Syrup or Lemon balm

Heat ingredients on stove just like candy, simmering slowly and stirring like there's no tomorrow. Technically this should heat to 300 degrees if you own a candy thermometer, but I had Minoux on my hip and it was all made just before the dinner hour so I just went with it, and it worked! Trust your intuition here! We stirred for about fifteen to twenty minutes and I ended up adding in a dash of the elderberry syrup we made just before the winter which also has a pinch of melatonin in it as well which will help her get through the night and calm her cough. 

Lay out wax or parchment paper on a pan and line up your sticks. Or in my case, trimmed Q-tips. Go with whatcha got! Spoon a small amount on the tip like a sucker and don't get too Type A with these beauties, because honestly the more organic the shapes, the more magical and fun they become. Like clouds. The more different the shapes, the more our imagination gets a chance to work. 

I made some small circles on an additional pan in the shapes of mushrooms and a few standard cough drop sizes for Max and I to pull from occasionally. Let cool at room temperature and don't stick in the fridge or they won't work. Have patience for it to harden, then peel off, wrap in parchment paper, and store in a glass container or jar for future use! That's it! Happiness and health to you! 

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