New Years Day Brunch!


This was our second year celebrating New Years Day together for brunch in our princess dresses at the sweetest old hotel where we used to live. It all started when I would play dress up with Lue and she would ask me to wear a dress too, so I threw on one of my prom dresses and acted out scenes with her. (Because THATS totally normal right?..) Some months it wouldn't zip up when I was pregnant with Minoux, but she didn't care. This was such a special year with Lue being almost five and me just grasping at her little sweet thoughts and wanting to hear all her words. I loved the way she tucked her napkin into her dress, the way her face was so tender and sweet waiting for her mint tea, and the tone in her voice when she ordered pancakes and one "sunshine" egg. (Sunny-Side Up!) We toured the halls of the old hotel, sat on ALL the fancy couches, stared at ALL the chandeliers and spent more time there than I would care to admit. It was the best. We can't wait for Minoux to be old enough too and we can sit as girls, or maybe Max would come too. But with the holidays consistently feeling crazy and busy every year, filled to the brim with to do's and to make's and to wrap's, I look so forward to this day so so much. I hope to carry this tradition for as long as the girls want to. (Visual: me as a wrinkly grandma and them all grown up and even more beautiful) ((insert tears)) 






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