Herbalism and Botanical Medicine


Come join me in the comfort of your own cozy home while we study herbalism and botanical medicine! I've wanted to learn how to better engage, utilize, and appreciate earth grown goods to provide for my family and also have an area for myself outside of motherhood to create and learn something new.  I've realized quite clearly that I am able to be a better Mom and human when I engage with curiosities and new experiences and when I care for myself, I am able to outpour even more to my girls. Studying herbalism has been on my wish list for so long and this is finally the year to do it! 

In this program, there are many ways to practice as an herbalist. You may strive to become a community herbalist –the one that people seek out when they have questions about how to use herbs in support of illness. Maybe you prefer to stay a little closer to home where you can put your herbal knowledge to good use by helping family and friends. You may choose to be a grower. Maybe your heart is leading you to open an herb shop, develop a natural product line, or become an herbal practitioner. 

Each path is significant because it allows us to stretch our minds beyond their current knowledge to learn in a deeper way about the goods that grow from this beautiful earth. 

I'll be sharing my experiences and truly hope you'll join me along the journey! 

To sign up for single or multiple courses along with me, please click here at The Herbal Academy. 


Why choose The Herbal Academy? They offer an array of affordable classes to fit each individual need. They are committed to educating the community about the importance of sustainability in herbalism – from the ethics of sustainable wildcrafting to the critical need to protect threatened and endangered plants and trees and find sustainable ways of production or alternative plants to use. Engaging with responsible production and gathering of their plant allies is essential to the study of herbalism. As gardeners, wildcrafters, and herbal consumers, our choices can send an important message and advocate for a truly sustainable approach to procuring the plants we use for healing.