End of Summer Slow


I am so curious about the idea of change. Change in season or environment or a new experience or shift in life. I find them all so enchanting. I've always been drawn to looking ahead more than sitting still in the present and it's something I've wanted and needed to work on more in my life. The past month or so has felt incredibly slow paced. Much intention has gone into purposefully signing up for less, saying yes to rest, yes to in home activities and resetting my mindset towards "feel" instead of "do".


As someone who likes to engage in much, it's been a really wonderful shift for me. My Fall workshop in NY got moved to next Spring for a few separate reasons, and now I am basically centering down with the girls and Max, cozying up and growing this baby until Thanksgiving comes. We have visited the library and the orchard and gone out for groceries, but otherwise it's been a ton of woods walks, large stacks of books to read on the couch and focusing on Luella's school. Most days have literally felt like I am just making meals and cleaning dishes for everyone (and vacuuming up fluffy Chow Chow fur) and it isn't without its moments of exhaustion, but it feels really good. Trying to embrace these next months with slow tenderness and anticipation for the new baby coming has been so centering and we are all getting so excited to hold her and meet her. It was our first full summer at the A frame, filled with the ducks and chicks growing up, losing some to the most beautiful fox family, having no air conditioning, soaking in the heat and watching my belly grow. I'll weirdly miss applying sunscreen on the girls and all of Max's evening tick checks on all of us. There were many beautiful front yard sprinkler runs with the girls, nature walks, and learning more about each other. Filling up big glasses with ice water and laying out blankets in the front yard. All so good. Here's to saying goodbye to such a beautiful summer and hello to a gorgeous Autumn ahead!


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