Becoming a Vegetarian Family for a Month


There are Vegetarian offerings in my cookbook, Tales from a Forager’s Kitchen  and along with a few other reasons, we decided to try vegetarianism as a family for one full month to see how we feel. We’re a few days short of this, but I can honestly say it has been an incredible experience. I had asked Max how he felt so far to which he used the exact words that I was going to use too, “I feel lighter.” I don’t know how to describe it other than that feeling! I feel a more sustained energy and that my intention to what is on my plate has grown even more. It took a lot more research and planning in the first weeks to ensure we were all not only getting the right nutrients, but also that we would be full after meals too. The girls have blown me away with their ability to adapt. Most of our meals have consisted of beans and legumes, rice and quinoa, cheese and yogurt, nuts and seeds, and a ton of fruits and vegetables. They of course, have also had peanut butter sandwiches here and there, but the shift has been truly amazing. We started small with them and eased them in but now it feels really normal after reaching the almost four week timeframe! 

This is what we ate tonight. It’s a plate of rainbow quinoa with butter and onion and salt, topped with herb greens and spinach and kale, (a mix from the store), raw white button mushrooms, portabella mushrooms cooked on the Himalayan salt block, blueberries, tomatoes, strawberries, finely chopped garlic, and black beans. A side of peach Greek yogurt with homemade trail mix on top and bread with cranberries and walnuts in it! A few of these things have become staples around here as snacks and a part of the meals so I prep them differently so they are easy to pull from and eat! Our favorite morning meal is sweet potato hash with cooked mushrooms in butter, cilantro and spices and soft sunshine eggs on top! Max is always delighted when I make it for him and says it is his favorite breakfast of all time. A huge compliment to receive from the Bear. :) 


I’ve always known a habit to be 21 days of change and believe almost anything is possible if we set our mind to it and also really helps that Max was really into the idea and little did I know, had been wanting to try it out as well. Intentionality is the biggest thing I’ve taken away from this experience! We haven’t decided if we will keep up with it moving forward, but we have grown a ton and really enjoyed the experience SO much! 

Have you experimented with vegetarianism or veganism? How did you feel on it? Would you give it a try? 



This feels like barely touching the surface of it all over the past four weeks and I’d love to share more about our experience, if you’re interested!  

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