Cucina Blog Award | Milan, Italy!


I’m not even sure how to write this, but last week I woke up, got my coffee, checked my email and began to read that I was nominated for the 2018 Cucina Blog Award in Milan, Italy! It felt completely surreal and is such an incredible honor, especially to be nominated along SO many amazing artists and writers. I believe I am the only American and there are talented individuals from Berlin, Paris, and many parts of Italy! I am nominated for the Reader’s Choice Award! They asked if we could come out for the ceremony next weekend and so Max, Juniper and I are headed there to partake in the evening! 

I began blogging and sharing recipes and snippets of our life online six years ago, and now to be in this moment literally feels like a dream. I am so happy and overwhelmed and filled with gratitude and cannot wait to be in beautiful Milan and meeting so many beautiful people! I am feeling at a loss for words. So grateful and so excited. 


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