Off to Italy!


We are on our way to Italy! The house was cleaned, the girls’ tiny suitcases were plump and ready for Nana and Mimi’s house and we went on our way to Milan. I cried more than a few times thinking about leaving our older two girls and yet am equally bursting with so much excitement to visit a new country. We have almost arrived and I have spent so much of this travel time reflecting on it all. I feel so beyond humbled, I cannot describe. This blog space started as an outlet for creative expression, documentation of parts of our journey through life and exploring with the magic of ingredients and it’s really interesting how even though I HAVE put so much work and heart into it, I’m having a hard time feeling derserving of this all. I don’t know if that’s human nature, or the curse of the creative mind that there is always a critique of ourselves, in our own minds with a flame that is stronger than ever. Writing and working with new ingredients has been such an enormous and lifegiving area for me through the years. It is still one of the the activities that I spend the most time doing with my girls, to be in the kitchen. The more I research and learn about ingredients that grow from this earth, the more magic I experience. Feeling utterly and truly grateful. Thank you so much to the beautiful country of Italy, the Cucina Corriere, Angela Frenda and those who nominated me for the Reader’s Choice Award! I cannot wait to celebrate others this evening and share the journey with you all! 

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