Easter Egg Floral Crowns

Making Easter Egg Floral Crowns has been a tradition of ours for the past 4 years now! It’s such a beautiful activity to create and brings such wonder and whimsy to the table! Here’s the recipe! 


Easter Egg Floral Crowns 

6 Boiled Eggs  

Thin Copper Floral wire  

Foraged, Found, or Purchased thinly stemmed and flexible blooms  

Permanent marker 

An open mind  


Boil the eggs! Begin with your wire by measuring around the “head” of the egg. Cut an additional 1 inch beyond what is needed for the circumference. Make a circle with the wire and twist the ends to form what looks like a fish tale. Secure the bottom end of the bloom by wrapping the excess wire around it like a twist. Begin to wrap and braid the bloom inside the circle and back around the edge while holding it in place on the wire. Continue wrapping in and out, in and out until the blooms are braided and secure. Feel free to use small additional copper sections to secure any flying blooms. Draw a kind face. Adorn with floral crown. Give her a name. Celebrate her! 


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