Seasonal Shift | Preparing for Gardening!


There really is something so beautiful about that awkward in between seasons time. Particularly, for me, it lies in the excitement and anticipation of the  new change and shift in environment. The snow is melting, the maple taps are taken down because of the buds showing their way through the tips of the tree branches and the garden planning begins. The woods truly are so pretty right now. I do get the same feeling just after Autumn and before Winter. Viewing the single palette of brown tone branching across the whole eyesight and really much more of the woods can be seen. I usually walk out back like, "Awww I remember when I lost this thing last Fall and now the snow has melted and I found it once again! Hallelujah!" Even when it’s Spring in Minnesota and the snow just keeps on peeking in, there’s still a hope and knowledge that soon one day, it will be green. Right? I mean, eventually it HAS to turn green....yes? Please say yes.


 Gathered around here are a few new garden tools that will last for years to come and I’m feeling so inspired to forage for green and sink my fingers into the dirt again! Here are a few of my favorite gardening and harvesting tools! Small clipping scissors that sink into your fingers and hand, an actual legit quality cultivator, the market tote with a washable linen insert (oh my!), and this insanely versatile cutter


How do you feel during this seasonal shift? Restless? Excited for what's ahead? If you're in the midwest, perhaps cringing *just slightly* over the weather forecast of more snow this weekend? I feel you. Spring will be officially here before we know it, and gosh am I excited! Whether you’re gardening, cooking, camping or exploring, Barebones products will help you create a more enjoyable connection with nature and those around you. Products that will last well through multiple seasons of dirt digging, adventuring and foraging. YES! 

Home to Green!

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