Home to Green!

A little over two weeks ago, we left to Iceland with 17” of snow and came back to green! It feels sooo good to be home again and while I’m compiling my images from our trip, we didn’t waste much time getting outside in these woods and yard to soak up the heat. Today was 87 degrees and we’ve been spending our weekend cleaning up the yard, foraging for ramps and baby dandelions and picnicking outside. Huxley is climbing trees per usual and all feels just right again being home. 


The wild ramps are covering the woods floor and now being here the second season, it’s been amazing to remember the exact locations for certain forage-able goods. Oh, the ramps grow here and here... the morels usually pop up under this tree, the edible violets grow here and of course, the young dandelions are plentiful so there’s no need remembering where those pop up! Tonight I am making an arugula salad with fresh chopped ramps, a thick balsamic dressing and wild violets. Filling the vases with a few greens and eating outdoors. The heat is here!! So excited! 


Officially, officially, I have my own Harvesting and Gathering Bag. Inspired by vintage orchard design, the Gathering Bag offers versatility in use, wearing, emptying and care. It’s multiway straps allow for comfortable chest or back carrying, while it’s drop-out bottom makes quick work of emptying the harvest. Constructed of weather- and water-resistant waxed canvas and complete with a removable liner, the Gathering Bag is the essential foraging and harvesting partner and goods can actually be rinsed and washed out while inside the bag which makes for an easier transition to the table. Big enough to hold my tools and water and blooms and a snack. Wishing you hot heat wherever you are! 


Featured in Better Homes and Gardens!

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