A Cloth Diapering System for the Mama Who Feels Overwhelmed by a Cloth Diapering System


There are so many ways to change a diaper. Am I right? You've got the disposables, the pre folds, the snaps, the velcro, the inserts, the vinyls, the washables, the pins, the organic no chemical no dyes, and the pampers. It's all pretty overwhelming. I remember when our first babe came, I really wanted to do cloth diapering but didn't really know where to begin. You walk into the store with this giant wall shooting up and across twenty or more feet filled with (almost) hundreds of options. There should  be some sort of horror music playing as the either super pregnant or super sleep deprived Mom stares into the depths of options. Seriously overwhelming. I never stuck with cloth diapering with Lue, because honestly, I already felt so overwhelmed with a new baby, (who had a lot of emotions as an infant... aka cried A LOT in the evenings) had milk coming out of everywhere, and a cloth diapering system seemed to be the thing that pushed me over the edge. I was intrigued, but overwhelmed. 

Screw it. I'm doing disposables. 

But the second time around, I was able to feel a lot more comfortable with this whole new human being thing, and did a bit more trial and error and research into a system that might work for us. Our midwife recommended to use disposables for the first week or so of the babe's life because the meconium is a lot harder to clean out of the cloth. But otherwise, Minoux has been a cloth diapering baby since she was born and can honestly say it's been incredible simple. We started her first months with a cloth diapering service, which I know, sounds fancy, but really wasn't. We used Do Good Diapering out of Minneapolis. They've got some heavy duty stats on their website, for those who like the nitty gritty details on landfills. We budgeted accordingly and since there's always less stuff to buy the second time around, it was worth every penny. I felt comfortable going out on my own system when she was around five months old.  Here's my system that would work from infancy to potty training- try it out on baby #1, #2, or #3 or maybe practice on your pup who just can't seem to hold it indoors.
Seriously, it's this simple. We use the one size fits all Rumparooz diaper cover and Green Mountain Cloth Diapering pre-folds. THAT'S IT. Besides lowering the amount of diapers sitting in landfills, and the comfort it offers to Minoux, saving money was one of our biggest factors that went into our cloth diapering decision. Believe it or not, I began the first four months using only two diaper covers. They're regular $14 each and I even got both of them on sale. When one was dirty, we used the other and although we could've afforded more at the time, I wanted to experiment with a super minimal system and it WORKED. They are super easy to wash//dry. The pre-folds come in five different sizes and range from $15/dozen up to $49/dozen and those were even for the organic sizes. The most absorbent and comfortable of the styles and brands we tried out. There are ranges on how many pre-folds you'd want to invest in based off of your baby's needs, so go with your preferences here. 
 How cute are these colors? They have a ton more on their website. 

As far as wipes go, the lady at the organic baby store talked me into this. I was on the fence, but she talked about how much money I would save by doing it. THEN she showed me the ingredients and I fell in love. I made a small spray bottle of this each week and laundered small squared cloths right along with my diapers. Ingredients are *Witch hazel distillate, *olive oil, *avocado oil, *calendula flowers, *lavender flowers, *chamomile flowers, essential oil blend (lavender, patchouli, peru balsam, and chamomile); *aloe vera juice, *lecithin, citric acid, and silver citrate (natural preservatives) Regular wipes are great too and we definitely switch between the two! 

SO easy. Easy, peasy. I'll never look back from cloth diapering. I'll pass hers onto the next baby or sell them or gift them to someone in need. The more worn in pre-folds, the better. 

Stay tuned for next week. I'll be sharing our adventures in Elimination Communication! If you'd like to subscribe to these posts, go to the right under SUBSCRIBE! 

That's it! Leave any questions, if you have them! Happy Diapering, no matter which way you change them. 

Luella Beane Turns Four


Sweet Lue turned four this month. It was her Golden Birthday and wow, I don't even know how to begin to write about her. she has such a huge heart. She loves to be close and snuggle and show affection and has such a love for people and animals. She loves to move and I love the way she views the world. I love how she acts out scenarios and plays. One of my favorite things to do is sit in a peek on her playing out these big, giant scenes with character developments, like an episode. She uses accents for each of the characters and I am just completely blown away by her storylines. So far, we wonder if she will be drawn to the comedic arts or performance type arts. She loves dancing, and singing and making people laugh. She is strong. She is so brave and so fierce. She loves calling herself fierce. She is both tender hearted. She is humorous, and joyful, and exuberant and more than I could've ever dreamed of for a daughter. She's also four, so, yeah, we have emotions to work through everyday but I love the idea of recognizing that emotions aren't bad. Kids aren't good or bad. They're little and learning. Their emotions, just like ours ebb and flow and we are all working through ways to process things.  

So, A few weeks before Lue's birthday, she was eating breakfast and I sat down with a pen and paper and "interviewed her" about her party. I asked who she would want to celebrate with her, where she would want to have the party and what she would like to do. In between bites of her, you guessed it, waffles... she said: 

ice cream

...and THAT, is how we planned her party. 

For a chance to win a Unicorn horn from Brooklyn Owl, leave a comment below with a favorite aspect about your child, whether old or young OR your favorite detail from Lue's party:) 

For an extra entry, go follow them on Instagram and tag me and a friend in one of their photos! 

Winner announced at the end of this week! 

Invitations by Bear Fox Chalk. Thanks to my love. 

I made an accidental HUGE batch of homemade trail mix and a fennel onion egg bake to pair with the berries and rhubarb soda. SO fresh. I've been way too into soda making lately.  

I don't know if she'll be into my blog by the time she's old enough to read. Chances are she'll be like, "Mom.. blogging was SO 2016." But Lue if you read this someday, I want you to know how incredibly loved you are. You wake up in the morning fresh and talkative and ready to tackle the day. You love to go into your room and pick out your clothes right away and sometimes even get your shoes on and brush your teeth. At four, you're already a go-getter. You burst life giving elements. You teach me patience. You teach me thankfulness and gratitude over the smallest of things. You are so strong. I believe in you, Lue. We believe in you. Even when all we need is a giant break from parenting, we will sit and just talk about you and your sister and all that you both are. You are such an intense joy to be around. You are so beautiful and we love you more than words can even describe. We are SO proud of who you are, at four, Just little and big and amazing. 

She's had some stellar quotes this last year. She honestly makes me laugh out loud so often, it's ridiculous. Some of which are: 

"Mom, take a photo of my first tattoo and first pack of gum EVER. Today is epic Mom." 
Max sends me a text and says that Lue is taking photos of other moms at the park, "Yep that's perfect for my blog" Followed up by her newest song titled "Ima Blogger." The lyrics were hilarious. 
Me to Lue, " Lue we should be grateful for any presents that people buy you for your birthday. Even if they give you a bag of worms we can say, wow thank you for your generosity!"
three days later... Nana asks, "what do you want for your birthday Lue?"
Lue, "I'd like a bag of ants please Nana. I will be grateful for that."
"And if you think, that I'm, just holding on to something, you should go and look outside..." Luella singing Justin Bieber
"Mom, who are we seeing today?" -Generally about two minutes after my eyes open up to the morning world. 
"Mom, did I grow last night? I just really feel like I grew a bit."

Unicorn horns in trees by Brooklyn Owl. YOU GUYS, these are so amazing. A must have for any child's play collection! 

Bruxy fishing by the river! 

Two sweeties and their night crawlers! 

Okay. The unicorn hunt was SO fun. We hid a few small unicorns in the woods and went on a little adventure for them. I think I legit had just as much fun as the kids here. 

Watching little people tackle a pinata was THE CUTEST! AH! We filled it with marbles and chocolate and brass bells and flower seeds and fresh flowers and a few other goodies and it was such a delight to see it all fall! 

The teensiest unicorn horn I ever did see! 

She asked for a waffle cake for her party and we had SO much fun making it together. Here's the recipe for a magical unicorn waffle cake: 

4 eggs
4 cups of flour 
3 cups of whole milk
1/2 cup of cream 
2 Tablespoons of sugar (can substitute coconut sugar)
8 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
1/4 cup chopped fresh lavender+chamomile 
2 bags of lavender tea by Traditional Medicinals 

Pour into waffle maker machine. 
Stay patient, because the hardest part for me personally was just waiting for SO many waffles to cook. :) 

To make the lavender maple syrup frosting: 

1/4 cup butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup maple syrup
2 teaspoons vanilla
1/4 cup finely chopped lavender
3 cups powdered sugar
2 Tablespoons of whole milk

Combine butter, salt, maple syrup, vanilla and half of the sugar. Add the whole milk and the remaining one cup of sugar by alternating each. Blend in the lavender and mix until creamy, creamy goodness develops. 

Frost between waffle layers and let it drip and drizzle like a forest floor. Don't be afraid to let the waffle show through the frosting. Add fresh flowers and top with a unicorn. 

The cake will be best as fresh as you can make it before the party. I actually wished I had waited until that morning to make it, but hello, that would've been crazy hard to do with all the packing to hit the woods. Other alternative is to frost the layers and wrap in plastic (recycled or reusable plastic if you have it) and then frost the last topped layer just before the party. 

Optional side: Extra maple syrup to drizzle and drip. 

GREAT for a morning birthday party! 

Don't mind the crazy sweaty Mom in the photo below. I spent so much of my heart putting all these details together, on our drive out there I realized I had forgotten makeup or a shower. Thank goodness for a welcoming woods and friends that don't require perfection. 

TOO MUCH TO HANDLE. We ended the party with ice cream from the cutest little ice cream shop in Marine on St. Croix, MN called The Scoop! 

Happy Birthday, Miss Luella Beane. You light up our whole world with goodness. You are FOUR! 
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